2019 – A Year in Pictures

2019 was another busy year with some great commissions and personal work for the new Mountains book. Here we showcase a few of the highlights before looking forward to 2020. Commissions Zwift  – Certainly the work for Zwift this year stands out as one of the highlights for me. The …

Shooting Svalbard, 78º North

A polar opposite from shooting the summer mountains of the Tour de France, a recent client trip took me to the extremes of this planet on a journey to Svalbard, Norway, and the northernmost town in the world. See the full portfolio from Svalbard here.

Postcards from a foreign field

Personal work; it’s where the best ideas take seed and why, as a photographer, it’s so important to keep doing this type of work. This act of “doing” allows you to explore ideas without expectations or constraints of a brief. Some ideas are clear from the beginning, others are a …

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