Photo-Polymer Etchings

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Photo-Polymer Etchings

A new series of Limited Edition prints which, combines the beautiful old printing technique of etching, with photography.

Modern technology has made it possible to transfer highly detailed photographic images onto a metal etching plate by the use of a light sensitive emulsion. The plates are subsequently inked up and printed onto Arche Aquarelle Watercolour paper using a traditional roller press. The resulting prints are rich in tone with the deepest, sooty blacks, which are set against the off-white paper.  During the printing process an embossed mark is left by the edge of the metal plate around the image. This frames the print nicely for signing and editioning.

The series includes both single plate Black and White images and also colour prints which require x4 CMYK plates to be printed over each other to make the final image.

All prints are signed and editioned 1/15

Print Information
Image Size: 29x37cm
Paper Size: 56x76cm
Paper: Arche Aquarelle 300gsm
Edition: 1/15, Signed by the artist

Due to the nature of the printing process prints may vary a little from print to print but every effort is made to keep consistency. A full sheet of Arche Aquarelle paper is used for each print which leaves ample paper for framing. Framing will typically add 20cm to the width and height respectively.

Delivery takes approximately 7-10 working days from purchase. Prints are rolled and protected in tissue paper and contained within a box or tube. If you do decide to handle the prints it is advisable to wear cloth gloves, as they are susceptible to marks. Our advice is to leave this to your framer as there is also a knack to handling delicate prints.

Because of the delicate nature of the prints we cannot accept returns unless there is a fault in the printing process (which is very unlikely as the prints are also checked before being dispatched) or damaged in transit.

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